Wonder Woman 2: DC Rogue Knows as Adversary

 For a long time there were rumors and now it is finally official: Gal Gadot meets in Wonder Woman 1984 on a very special villain. Even in the comics, the DC villain played an extremely important role. The anticipation of fans is accordingly great, as he will appear in the sequel. Pedro Pascal has now become a true series star. We already saw him in Game of Thrones, Narcos and soon we see him as The Mandalorian. Now Pascal has secured yet another dream role. The Internet has already wildly speculated that this could be exactly this character. As it turns out, the fans have been right in their speculations.
"Well hello … Max," wrote Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on her Twitter page. In addition she posted a matching comic strip, which brought the excitement of fans to overflowing. Pedro Pascal will play the role of the infamous DC rogue Maxwell Lord. Although he seldom appears in comics, he still has a legendary reputation. For him and Wonder Woman are connected by a very special scene. Only with a very brutal measure could she finally stop him.
In the popular comic series Infinite Crises, she confronts Max Lord. With her laso of truth she interrogates the villain and comes into conversation with him. Max Lord himself says that there is only one way to stop him permanently: Wonder Woman has to kill him on the spot. The Amazon has no choice but to break his neck at once. But the act was broadcast live around the world, ruining its reputation. Even her friendship with Batman and Superman was destroyed. A defining moment of the comics, which should only fuel the anticipation of the movie even more.
Until next year we have to wait until the sequel appears. Then Wonder Woman 2 will be released on June 11, 2020 in German cinemas. The fans are already looking forward to seeing Max Lord in action. What do you think of Pedro Pascal as a top villain in Wonder Woman 1984?
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